Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams at FUEL

GLOBAL OUTREACH:    Faith United supports many global ministries through the Northeast Pennsylvania Synod and the ELCA. We help those around the world through the World Hunger Appeal, Global Farmyard, and Lutheran Disaster Relief. Every year yard sales are held to support these programs and to allow the community to partake in the ministry also. If you are interested in helping with this ministry please contact Glenda Chapin (570) 752-6943.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH:   This ministry of FUEL is all about forming relationships between the congregation and community. Allowing everyone to get a hands on experience of what it means to serve others in our community and world. Through collecting food, serving meals, sending care packages to those in need; the congregation gets to experience God’s work in the world first hand. If you are interested in helping plan these events and working to make them happen contact Carla Farley at (570)759-6548.

EASTER EGGS:    Faith United is known for their Easter Egg ministry! If you enjoy being in fellowship with others while creating chocolate and peanut butter goodness, come out and join in the festivities of this group. Contact Mary Ann Naugle at (570) 752-5017.

PROPERTY:   The property committee of Faith United is dedicated to helping with the upkeep of our wonderful and historic building. If you feel that you have gifts for this ministry and would love to pick up a tool contact John Durkin at (570) 379-3135.

WORSHIP & MUSIC:    Are you gifted in music or just like picking out hymns? Do you enjoy planning the upcoming events in the worship? If so this committee is for you. Share your gifts by helping to create a wonderful worship experience! Contact Bob Lombard at (570) 218-9001  if you are interested.

FINANCE:    Our finance team is at work to make sure that the ministries of the church can happen. If you are great with numbers and would enjoy helping FUEL achieve its ministry goals contact Dick Bankes at (570) 759-3566.

STEWARDSHIP:    Stewardship is an important part of ministry and finding new fun and informative ways of doing it is necessary. If you feel you have the gifts to encourage and plan programs to help raise money for ministries of the church please contact Cindy Lombard at (570)759-5017.

YOUTH GROUP:    Do you enjoy working with the present and future of the church? If so then this is the ministry you will want to participate in. The youth of FUEL are energized and involved in new and exciting activities in the church and community. If you are a youth and want to find a core group of peers who love Christ come join us. If you enjoy working with youth and forming relationships then come out too. Contact Pastor Jessica Kingsborough.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION:    FUEL’s education programs are enriched and nurtured through the help of those who enjoy teaching young people and peers. Through classes like Jesus and Me for little children, youth classes, and adult classes, all ages can participate in learning more about Christ and how we can be his hands and feet in the world. If you are interested in helping or participating contact Pastor Jessica Kingsborough.

EMERGENCY CARE FUND:    Do your gifts lie in identifying and helping those in need? The Emergency Care Fund helps others by organizing and supplying aid to those who are in need of groceries, gas for their car, help with their electric bill, etc. If you know someone in need please contact Pastor Jessica Kingsborough at (570) 759-2469.